Boost stats and stream data

Date published: 16th April 2016

I would like to start this news post with a massive "thank you" to everyone who has pledged their support so far on Patreon. This month saw the campaign hit the second funding goal, something which I never even considered to be a possibility - I've been truly humbled by the support the community has shown towards the site. So, thank you.

This update brings you two major features: boost statistics and stream data.

News - Boost stats

Boost stats is a feature which is available for backers at the $10+ tier on Patreon. It offers in-depth analysis of individual and team usage of boost over the course of a match allowing you to see who made the most pickups, who controlled the boost, and how much each team used.  One of the really interesting things this data shows is how your ranking correlates to your boost consumption, if you compare a Prospect player to a Champion, the boost consumption is wildly different.  Check out a replay on the site and see what you think!  I've tried to include as many community ideas as possible in to this, and there's still more which I would like to include, so look out for more updates in the future.

News - Stream data

Stream data allows you to overlay your Rocket League match stats onto your Twitch stream, the data includes number of games played, number of wins, losses, average goals per game, assists, and much more.  So if you're a streamer and you want to provide a little more insight into your performance, give the new stream data feature a try.  All you need to do is log in, grab the URL and add it to your CLR Browser in OBS (or equivalent).  You can find the link to the settings in the sub-navigation at the top of the page.  This does require you to upload your replays, but it doesn't cost you a thing - that's right, this feature is available to everyone at absolutely no charge.

. . .

To finish off I want to make a small announcement, and it's something which is only possible due to the overwhelming support from the Patreon backers. At the moment the additional stats (playback and boost stats) are only visible on matches in which a patron either uploaded or was a player in.  The change I am looking to make is to make this data available on all replays if you're a patron. So for non-patrons, nothing changes, you'll continue to see playback and boost stats for replays which were uploaded by, or feature a patron. But for patrons, you'll see this additional data for every replay, regardless of who uploaded it, and regardless of the players who played in it. 

As well as this change, I'm also looking into a few other features.  The first of which will likely be teams, so you'll be able to add teams and replays will be automatically associated with that team, so if you're looking for the latest match between Supersonic Avengers and iBP Cosmic, it should make it much easier to find.  I'm also looking into showing the data for what car body and decals people are using. Look out for more information on this soon.

As always, thank you to everyone for the support, I hope to continue to provide valuable insights into your Rocket League matches. Please spread the word and let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions for future features.

Fly safe!