In-browser replay simulation!

Date published: 2nd April 2016

I would like to start this blog post with a BIG "thank you" to everyone who has pledged their support so far on Patreon. I was very pleased to see that we hit the first goal last week which means that the current server costs are now covered!

Blog - Replay Simulations

I'm pleased to announce a brand new feature for Rocket League Replays - in-browser replay simulation. This is effectively a replay viewer, but on the website.  It's a 2D top-down view and allows you to see where players position themselves, how they use their boost and anything else you might like to see.  This feature is exclusively for Patreon backers and is available at the $3 and above tiers.  A replay is eligible for analysis if either the replay uploader is a patron, or if any of the players in the game are patrons - so if you play in a game and someone on your team is a patron, your replay will get the analysis feature.

I've also added a little indicator next to eligible replays in the replay listings. If a replay is eligible, you'll see a little next to the replay name.

Take a look at a high-level replay in the new simulator.

A few points of note:

  • FPS is capped at 30 FPS due to replay file limitations. I'm investigating whether I can interpolate the frames to get a 60 FPS render. So for now it might seem a little 'jumpy'.
  • I'm still investigating the best way to show nameplates, so for now you'll just have to guess which player is which. Not ideal, I know, but I'll have more on this soon!